1. What applications can Q6+ be used for?
  • Indoor cladding
  • Outdoor cladding
  • Flooring
  • Splashbacks
  • Benchtops (12mm only)
  • Wet Areas
  • Furniture
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • BBQ areas
  • Stairs and many other applications
2. Can Q6+ be used outside?
Q6+ is UV and weather resistant; there are no issues with using this material outdoors.
3. Can the material be used near a heat source of open flame such as a cooktop or fireplace?
Yes, you can use the material near open flame or a source of heat. Being porcelain-based, the material is exposed to extreme heat during the manufacturing process.
4. What is the timeframe for delivery of non-stocked colors?
10-12 weeks.
5. What are the minimum quantities for custom (indent) orders?
200 SqM.
6. Is 6mm the only thickness available?
A 12mm version is now available.
7. Are all slabs an exact 3200x1600x6mm and come in a perfect square?
Nominal size: 3200x1600mm
Working size (real size): 3197x1597mm
8. How do I achieve the natural look on a large highlight wall using your material?
Each (6mm) Q6+ color comes in 6 variations. All sheets are similar but different enough to ensure that your large feature wall achieves a natural look.
9. Will sheet variations always arrive in an almost equal number?
Although they will arrive in an almost equal number, they are still distributed randomly unless you wish to achieve a book matched effect with Statuario Six+ or Calacutta Oro Six+.
10. I only need one sheet, can I choose my preferred sheet from the six?
Sheets will be distributed randomly as they are pulled off the "A" frames they are stored on. We cannot search through randomly stacked sheets for a specific design. Designs are only slightly different, and the slight difference should not be an issue. The only exception here is when book matched sheets are required.
11. What is the best way to clean the material?
Use a mild soap and water, ensuring that any soapy residue is removed.
12. What glues do you recommend?
A flexible tile cement type C2TE S1 is recommended. This is produced by many reputable suppliers. Please watch installation video on quantumsix.com.au for more information.
13. Is the material 100% porcelain? If not, is there a MSDS?
The material is classified as porcelain stoneware. A Material Safety Data Sheet is not required.
14. Does the material have any GREEN ratings or certifications?
QuantumSix+ has achieved the following certifications in the European marketplace: Eco Label, Bureau Veritas, LEED, and Green Guard. We will work on getting appropriate corresponding Australian certifications.
15. What happens when a customer needs your colors in tiles?
You can cut the appropriate sheet (3200x1600x6mm / 2400x1200x6mm) into the size you require.
16. What is the difference between Q6+ and other porcelain sheet manufacturers?
Q6+ is manufactured using the latest technology SACMI 2+. This supersedes the technology currently used by other manufacturers.
17. Will there be shade variations from batch to batch?
Yes, every batch of production shows a letter & a number; for example, A50. "A" stands for the batch of production. "50" is the shade variation where 50 is the median, and a lower number is lighter, and a higher number is darker. These must be taken into consideration when matching quantities.
18. How do you do edge finishing on a splash back return (Polish / Aris)?
You can lightly sandpaper and then grout or use a decorative edge to finish.
19. Can mesh be applied to the back of the porcelain sheets?
Yes, but the only reason to apply mesh is when the sheets are used as cladding, and the sheets are not directly attached to the surface to be cladded. Material with mesh is a custom order. Minimum quantities apply.
20. Is there any "tension" in the material?
There is no "tension" in the Q6+ sheet. Q6+ is manufactured using the latest porcelain sheet technology. Other manufacturers using older manufacturing lines may produce sheets with tension resulting in a slower manufacturing process.

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